Our community has changed our lives and made us what we are today. Now it is our turn to change their lives.
Maya Devir
The story of the ‘Kiss’ through the history
auguste rodin, the kiss
auguste rodin, the kiss
Jean-Léon Gérôme, pygmalion and galatea
jean-l‚on g‚r“me, pygmalion and galatea
henri de toulouse-lautrec, in bed the kiss
henri de toulouse-lautrec, in bed the kiss
gustav klimt, the kiss
gustav klimt, the kiss
Pablo Picasso - Le Baiser
Pablo Picasso - Le Baiser
ren‚ magritte, the lovers
ren‚ magritte, the lovers
Victor Jorgensen – Kissing the War Goodbye
Victor Jorgensen – Kissing the War Goodbye
roy lichtenstein, kiss ii
roy lichtenstein, kiss ii
Banksy – Kissing Coppers
Banksy – Kissing Coppers
Explaining the project and the idea

After months of trial and error, Maya & Yehuda Devir had finally solved the concept of the collection that will push their art to the edge.

Defined as a symbol of life, renewed passion, the beginning of an erotic adventure, or of intimacy, the kiss in art tells not only the tales of love but the stories of protest or even of separation.

The act of kissing is considered as one of the most intimate acts two figures can share between each other. It has been portrayed by many throughout history and will forever have a place in famous art galleries.

Now you have the opportunity to be one of the few holders in the collection that will go down in the history books and acquire exclusive access to the artists, their art and legacy.

One of those days

As lifelong artists their famous “One of Those Days” comic series has brought their life and art to international fame and recognition.

Always eager to create and innovate, the decision to transcend their art to the Blockchain simply made sense.

XOXO is the Devir’s natural evolution in the art world from the past to the future, containing within it the real secret to the genius behind their work: their relationship.

The collection confronts relationships head on with humor, vulgarism, cynicism, and challenges the discussion around our basic social need as human beings in relationships.

Those days
Those days 2
Sculpture lips
Sculpture lips
Static image
Hover image
The art

Above all, Maya & Yehuda’s connection to their organically growing- global community is essential, and with XOXO it’ll take their fanbase to a whole new level with the unique access that each XOXO NFT possesses to their life and art.

This is a big change in attitude, a real conceptual start to their lives and careers, and for those who know them - you already know that this is the only way they know how to do things.
The collection holds 101 original XOXO’s which fabricate 10,101 unique pairs.

They compose exceptional Love stories and philosophies behind each couple with a specific structure to each XOXO token.

Let’s explore some of the XOXO couples and appreciate the art.

Background scratch
ABOUT the artists
Yehuda devir
Yehuda devir
Maya devir
Maya devir

Maya and Yehuda Devir, a married couple, Israeli comic artists and the creators of the popular web comics “One of Those Days”.

More than 9 million people worldwide devoutly follow the lives of Maya and Yehuda on social media, a standard Israeli couple plus two, who face all the difficulties of life like the rest of us.

Over the last 5 years, Maya and Yehuda published 5 books, became #1 Amazon Best Seller, Attended dozens of comics and design conventions all over the world, TEDx lecturers, Youtube silver creators award winners, launched a successful online course for artists and content makers, created and sold a unique merchandise, maintained a successful online shop and created an online documentary series named “The Heartists” following a week in the lives of the Artists, with over 20 million views on their social media assets.

In 2019, Yehuda and Maya won the “The Most Creative Content Makers” award as part of the prestigious international competition “INFLOW GLOBAL Awards” in Istanbul. Winning the award emphasized that, beyond talented artists, the two are also masters at creating content and storytelling of one frame.

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Icons group
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Icons group
About the team
Yehuda devir

Born in 1988. “Makes the ants look lazy” (according to Maya’s theory). Found his love for drawing in infancy when he began painting on his bedroom walls. Was particularly influenced by American comics, and today known as one of the most successful comic artists in the world.

Maya devir

Born in 1989, “goddess in the form of a woman who spreads Joy wherever she goes” (according to Yehuda’s theory). She is a realist artist and specializes in the art of teasing Yehuda. On top of that, Maya is the Art Director and business manager of the couples brand.


PickCherry is a media & marketing web 3.0 based company. With 10+ years within
the traditional marketing world, they now apply it to create, produce and manage an NFT project with all its needs.
They provide a 360° solution for any off/on chain dream.

SCENE 1 : Opening scene

In the opening scene of our lifework project, we will start our journey by building our community while trying to make our members get that one of a kind feeling of becoming a part of history!
We strive to keep growing every day until our anticipated pre-sale event by various creative interactions like games, giveaways, community activities, and the special fan art contests - after all it’s an art project. All of these will lead to filling up our Love List ranks in order to give our true fanatic “army of fans” the chance to grab their XOXO NFTs before others.
Launching our official website will also occur by the end of the 1st scene, with all the information you’ll need about how to become a part of the XOXO world.

SCENE 2 : Establishing the characters

We're continuing our journey with the 101 Love Stories collection, which will set the stage for the public minting of 10,000 NFTs.
Some of them were given to winners of our pre-mint competitions, fan art competitions and other games and activities, but ALL OF THEM will get some blazing hot utilities!
As our community is one of the main reasons we decided to bring this venture to life,
we’ll be giving back to them LIT utilities and the most amazing raffle prizes ever, in every scene of our roadmap.
Because all types of owners will be amazed by the most jaw-dropping perks & gifts -
from a private video call meetup with the Devirs, along with signed LoveStories books by Maya & Yehuda to even a collaboration with 21 Draw and Class 101 for online courses!
We got so much more, but our lips are sealed (with a kiss) for now.

SCENE 3 : Occurrence

We come from the world of branding, therefore, we will continue to strive to develop the XOXO brand all the time, as a big part of our motto is “without our community we are nothing” and we see them as our core for evolving our brand.
And after giving back to our community, it’s time to give a little more to the ones in need as well. A donation to a charity that helps artists who suffered financial and mental issues due to Covid19 will be formed (this is an example only).

The specific charity will be chosen from various options by our dedicated community as we wish and do all of this effort with and for them as part of our voyage together.
And speaking of our community - time to give another big XOXO to them.
Yes, we got to the perks-talk, and on top of it all is the stellar partnership we made with Samsung!
That includes freebies like Samsung Galaxy Z flip, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy buds to some lucky holders.
To make things even more intriguing for the token holders, when we reveal their token, they will find that their Samsung device has come to life and it’s embedded in the art and the Metadata. In another HUGE collaboration we made, holders get two free nights in Selina - a rapidly growing brand that’s building one of the largest hospitality chains in the world.

SCENE 4 : Catharsis?

After evolving into a larger than life experience, Maya & Yehuda will begin hosting their private online course given to the NFT holders, reveal the winners of two mind blowing prizes - UR XOXO - a special 1/1 amazing NFT, drawn by Yehuda himself!
For other lucky bastards “Devirs will come true“ in an all included weekend meetup with the the couple, other owners will get some Maya & Yehuda Youtooz and more!
We think that ending this adventure with a sweet note is the ultimate way of contributing, both to the world of arts and to all of our community members who stood with us all along the way. With you we defeated all villains, passed all obstacles and conquered some gigantic goals, but is it really the end?!

SCENE 5 : To be continued

In our “after the credits” scene, we continue the celebration and prosperity of our community with the genesis of the XOXO conference, by Maya & Yehuda Devir, that will be held in 2023. Tickets will be available for free claim to all XOXO NFT owners because this stupendous event wouldn’t be possible without them!
In this pinnacle convention, we will also reveal the official XOXO metaverse gallery that will feature different NFTs from our collection, and present the UR XOXO pieces of art to the world. Everyone will be able to see we’ve put it as a mission to make the gallery the place to be in the Metaverse!
And don’t think we spoiled everything as other surprises might pop out in the heat of the moment (and our moment will be LIT).

Video call hangout
Arta Giftbox
Class 101
Fan art collab
21D E-Books
LIVE group course
LIVE private course
Youtooz Vinyl figures
How does “minting an NFT” work?

Minting is the process by which your digital art / content becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT minting process is similar to how real coins are created and inserted into circulation.

How do I buy an XOXO NFT?

We will guide you in every step of the way. Please stay tuned to our Discord channel because most of our announcements and news are there.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can! We offer CC payment directly with your own credit card, BUT you will need a crypto wallet too, regardless.

On what blockchain network is XOXO on?

The Ethereum Blockchain.

Do you have a whitelist?

No, we have a Love List! All the details on how to get a LL spot will be provided on our Discord and on our Twitter as we move along. We also do LL spot Giveaways.

How do I get a spot on the Lovelist?

For now only Discord moderators pick LL spots based on your engagement in the community and from various contests and giveaways.

Requirements will change every now and then, be sure you follow up on our announcements and be active in the community.

In this way you make sure you don't lose any opportunity to secure your whitelist spot!

How many XOXO NFTs can I mint?

Each wallet will be able to mint up to 4 XOXOs.

How many XOXO NFTs will be released?

10,101 NFTs, created and generated from 101 Maya & Yehuda couples.

Do you have a utility token?

Yes! We'll reveal more details about it later.

What are XOXO Love Stories?

101 exclusive handpicked NFTs. Each token comes with a personal story and philosophy of the couple behind each kiss.

What utilities does the XOXO Love Stories provide?

- A physical book that contains all 101 Love Stories from the collection, signed by Yehuda and Maya according to the purchased NFT’s story number.

- Claim a free NFT of the 10,000 XOXO’s main collection.

- Additional unique perks that’ll be revealed soon.

How are the XOXOs structured?

Yehuda has brought to life 101 perfect couples that create 101 love stories and 10,000 XOXO tokens.

The XOXO utilities are organized in three categories - Fan, Artist and Collector.

All XOXO tokens are redeemable and withhold special utilities and experiences, such as Comic Con tickets, group/private workshop, NFT fan art collab, UR XOXO NFT, signed posters, class 101 subscriptions, Arta giftboxes, video call hangouts and much much more!

One lucky holder will get an experience of a lifetime – all included flight for two with accommodation to make the "Devirs come true"!

Some of the utilities will be embedded on the XOXO token and easily identifiable by the Omega side of the couple – Maya.
Other utilities will be redeemable with our XOXO utility token via a scratch game - Alpha & Omega.

To be able to identify whether the token withholds a special utility, it must have one of two features:

  • Special background
  • Specific Omega side of the couple

Sorry Alphas, you simply don’t have that power.

What is "UR XOXO" NFT?

The artists will create unique XOXO NFT (won’t be part of the XOXO collection) based on you and your significant other that can be exclusively yours!

What are the benefits of owning an XOXO NFT?

Where do we start? There are many benefits to holding an XOXO apart from the amazing art.

Holding a XOXO token will bridge the gap between yourselves and world class artists with unique utilities that have never been done before. Most utilities will be represented by the specific type of couple you hold and by the Omega side (Maya).

What brands have collaborated with XOXO?

Samsung - the technological conglomerate gives away to some lucky holders a free Samsung Galaxy Z flip, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy buds!

Selina - A rapidly growing hospitality brand that offers the holders to spend two free nights in their locations.

21 Draw - Among the most popular art education sites that offer token holders a membership with access to their content.

Arta - a leading brand for art supplies and tools will equip holders with an exclusive art tools giftbox.

Class101 - a world-leading platform for teaching creative hobbies and skills that offers collection holders membership and a license to learn what they love.

Youtooz - high-quality collectible figure of Maya & Yehuda.

Stay tuned