After sharing content with their followers for years,
the couple wanted to deepen their relationship and make it more personal,
as well as reach out to a greater audience and art collector.
As a result, they chose Web3, which unlike Web2, is a space to express their creativity and art in new ways.
They partnered with PickCherry, a tech and marketing company that works on Blockchain applications in general as well as NFT and Metaverse.
They created 101 unique characters of Maya (Omega) and Yehuda (Alpha) who kiss each other. Characters like wizard, sun, superhero, traveler, zombie, knight, astronaut, clown, ninja, etc, would kiss with others as separate tokens. The ones who were the same character type are called perfect couples. Next came the launch, which was divided into two phases.


The couple's first launch (genesis) collection of 101 Love Stories came after a year of preparations and creations.
The 101 exclusive non-perfect couples were handpicked by the Devirs. Each had a unique narrative written by Maya and Yehuda themselves and embedded in the metadata.

As for this collection utilities (token benefits), Love Stories holders got a double claim for free for tokens from the main collection.
They also get a LS Book token, an NFT used for claiming the physical LS book of all 101 Love Stories, which contains the holder's token number,
Yehuda and Maya’s signature, and a personal dedication.

Contract: 0xB1B10c54CE06a474761aBa36Bd396966389a0d6d


A month later, the project launched its main collection of 10,000 tokens of distinctive pairs.
It took less than a day for the collection to be sold out, with almost 5K unique holders.
Tokens were divided into different rarity levels. There were some major collaborations with top brands that provided valuable utilities.

Contract: 0xB1B10c54CE06a474761aBa36Bd396966389a0d6d



Holding an XO token gets you into the artist couple world, but it also makes you a part of the aspiring XOXO community
Just like in any decent NFT project, the XOXO has formed collaborations that provided the following utilities for the holders:

  • Selina
    Holders can claim their two free nights at the world's fastest growing hospitality brand Selina,
    which has over 134 locations.

  • Galaxy Buds
    For 50 lucky Cheerleader Maya owners with embedded buds in her ears,
    Galaxy buds are up for grabs.
  • LS book token
    Love Stories - genesis collection - holders claim for free additional 101 NFTs
    that enable them to claim the physical Love Stories book to put on their bookshelf.
  • XOXO Merch Store
    Web3 XO experience is getting physical in a merch store and holders get their
    XOs printed on wearable items and additional 10% off any of the store items.
  • Arta’s GiftBox
    Artists check this one out - Arta GiftBox - A super exclusive gift box full with graphic design
    goodies that Yehuda and Maya use; a must have for every aspiring digital artist!
    This utility will go to EVERY holder of a Comic Maya token.
  • Class 101
    Artists and sketches lovers, this course by Yehuda & Maya Devir will take you from an amateur
    level to a pro, with a long and detailed curriculum to cover all that you need and some more.
    Available only for Manga Maya token holders.
  • Youtooz
    Holders, make room on your shelf for this one!
    The Original, limited edition vinyl Youtooz figure of Yehuda & Maya Devir is yours if you own the
    Viking Maya token.
  • 21 Draw Ebook
    With a subscription to 21 Draw Ebook on the 21D website, the token lucky holders will have
    access to a whole new world of art skills. This utility will go to EVERY holder of a Sketch Maya token.
  • Fanart collab
    Holders, Prepare yourselves for DEVIRS' custom made art made just for you!!
    The 10 holders of a Cubism Maya token will receive this opportunity to have their idea/sketch
    become an original Maya and Yehuda piece of art.
  • Live group course
    Welcome to your utility -The exclusive online design workshop is not being offered to the public,
    only to some lucky holders that’ll have a live group course with Yehuda & Maya Devir.
    The couple will teach techniques and methods that earned them world fame and recognition.
  • Live private course
    An exclusive personal online design workshop 1 on 1 of the lucky holder with the Devirs!
  • Video call hangout
    5 Holders going for a private 1 on 1 call & hangout with the Devirs. An opportunity to get to
    know Yehuda & Maya Devir on a deeper level.
  • Samsung Galaxy watch
    The time is XOXO time and you can see it on the 45 Galaxy watches that are available for
    holders that hold their Maya with the watch on its hand.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z flip
    Anyway you Flip it the Samsung Galaxy Z flip is a nice utility to have. The elastic smartphone is
    on its way to 6 holders.
    One of the rarest and most awesome. A chance to be designed as an original 1/1 XOXO NFT.
    You send a picture of yourself with your significant other (or anything else you like), and the
    artists will create a custom 1/1 XOXO of it.
  • Devirs come true
    Devirs does come true for one lucky holder will get the holy grail of the XOXO’s fans, an all
    included weekend meetup with Maya Devir & Yehuda Devir!

As one of the most important aspects of the project, the community allows its members to vote
and influence decisions. DAO holders own at least 10 XOs and have the right to vote on the project's different decisions.
We opened a designated room for them in Discord for them to initiate proposals and another
one to host discussions.

The 69 Diamond is the project’s elite club. There can be 69 members, and each member owns
69 XOs (tokens) or uses different kinds of rarity levels XOs - e.g. Common = 1, Rare = 2,
Legendary = 5, LoveStory = 10.
The membership includes a unique pass (token) that can be claimed for free on our website by
eligible members. Diamond Club members can initiate new discussions, offer new changes, and get a Double vote
on the project proposals.
They also share all the Diamond club pass royalties, which means 100% of the 10% royalties.
Royalties is the 10% the project gets from transactions, so in this case whenever someone
drops out and sells his share, the rest will get their royalties share.

Diamond club members can participate in community spaces alongside the XOXO team.